YOU BETTER KNOW THIS WEEK MATTERS. You also better know what really matters. You better make sure that you’re focused on the job that is at hand. You better make sure you are on point. This week matters and it matters so much for so many reasons…BEYOND BASKETBALL.

This week, most kids will start a new school year. I hope they understand that first impressions matter. I hope kids understand coming prepared for the first day of school sets the tone for the year. I hope they  understand how they dress and how they speak really matters. I hope the parents of every kid reminds their child nothing is bigger than their education. Nothing will open more doors for them than their education. But above all, I hope their parents tell them that how they communicate with their teachers, peers and those in leadership roles, really matter the very first day of school. I hope they tell their children, they are representing their family name. I hope they tell them to be respectful to all they meet.

I hope every kid who is starting high school for the first time is choosing their many new friends wisely. I hope they understand who they spend time will influence them weather they like it or not.  I hope every kid knows there are bad things out there. Some of these things want to suck up their talent and potential. These forces want to kill their future, with drugs, alcohol and bad decision making. These things are easy to find, but hard to avoid if a young lady or man is not careful and falls into the wrong crowd. I hope that every kid knows there are kids who are lonely and feel on the outside looking in. The may look different, speak different and in some cases act awkwardly. These kids spend their time hoping somebody will open their arms to them and invite them in. They know the bullies are waiting on them. They hope somebody will there, to show them compassion and give them a lifeline. TO PROTECT THEM….and it just may be you! Their scared for what the first day my bring, they have been dreading this day all summer…I hope somebody will be there to walk side by side with them.

This week is going to matter and it going to say something about YOU. It’s going to say if you are humble, respectful and most of all inclusive. This week will be a test, of your character. It’s going to set the tone on how others view you and how you want to be viewed. This week you going to have to be the very best version of yourself. You will need to bring your “A” game as a person, student, friend and in many cases an athlete. Some are going to use their status as a athlete to gain favor. They will take advantage of their status. They will make others feel less important, in some cases even their own teammates. They will only take, take, take. They will not give unless their is something in it for them. This week these are the people you will need to stand up too. These are the people who make tears and fears. I hope from day one you meet them at the door and say ” NO MORE”.

Some  feel because they are good at a sport, it makes them special or entitled. I hope there will be adults the first day of school to remind those who think their bigger, better and more important than the rest….THAT THEIR NOT! I hope that everyone feels special the first day of school and treated special, the first day of school. Then I hope it last forever( why can’t we hope for this?)…but for all this to happen, you must be kind and thoughtful. You must understand everyone is watching, so please… HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS…




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