There are kids that play the game of basketball. Then there are kids trying to master the game. Some of these kids are talented, athletic and even skilled. But then there are the kids that are special. They have all the above tools. But they have something else, it’s called character. This character allows them to elevate all those around them. It allows them to let others shine as well as themselves. These are the players who are the winners, the ones willing to share the spotlight. These are the players that build your culture. These are the players that become the face of your program. In the case of SIDNEY QUINN she has all these characteristics. She just happens to be 6’2” and perhaps the most polished player in the state at her size. One thing is clear, her mental toughness is on a different level. It could be the reason she gave the NAVAL  ACADEMY A VERBAL COMMITMENT months ago.

















SIDNEY QUINN decided to attend the NAVAL ACADEMY most ago. She just didn’t feel the need to announce it to the world. You see Sidney Quinn has another quality, it’s called being humble. The Naval Academy is for rare people in life. The discipline it requires would break most people. Sidney Quinn now will be giving up 10 years of her life, she is now married to the Navy. But Sidney Quinn has been use to giving up things. This year she shared her family with Gandy MALOU Mamel. In perhaps the most important time of her life she was asked to share her family and the spotlight. No question it had to be difficult. It had to be difficult watching Gandy get so much attention on the basketball court. While her brother was making a big boy name for himself.  Never the less Sidney was there for Gandy and her brother every step of the way. You see that is called character. The willingness to share the sunlight with others. How many kids todays world of me, me, me, would be willing to do what Sidney does on and off the court, everyday of her young life?  Let me stop you …. FEW!



I was talking to Sidney’s  future coach Tim Taylor on Monday. We were laughing because watching kids play at times can be interesting. Kids shooting every time they touch the ball. Not playing team defense. No ability to pass the ball into the post or see the extra pass. I mentioned how if Sidney was in the gym everyone playing with her, would look better in fact be shinning. I mentioned how Gandy Malou Mamel plays like a rock star when she’s on the floor with Sidney. That’s because Sidney is that rare high school player who knows how to feed the post. Then as we were talking Gia Pissott,  a Freshman at Navy walked by. In less than a year, she has put 25 pounds of muscle on her frame. She looked silly standing next to the high school girls in the gym.  Tim Taylor just smiled  when I said “you can barely recognize GIA”… then Tim Taylor said this “ do you know what Sidney Quinn is going to look like after a year. Can you imagine what she will be with her nature talent and skills ? Tiny I really don’t think people understand what this kid will be for us”….well I know, an absolute terror, that’s what! Folks excuse my language. I’ve had too many kids to count now and in the past in the Patriot League who have been ALL FRESHMAN AND ALL CONFERENCE… SIDNEY QUINN is going to treat folks in that league like farm animals!























I watched Sidney go unappreciated in high school. I’ve watched go unappreciated in AAU. I have watched her at times be dismissed and frankly not treated properly. I wonder why she doesn’t lash out or do what everyone else does; go for themselves… you know  “DO YOU? ”  I think I know the answer, Sidney has always been taught to play the game the right way. I think she knows it would break her dads Kerwin’s heart if she played the way so many kids do today. I think her mother JEN a former D1 player would be disappointed if Sidney did this. Sidney lives in the gym and is so skilled it’s embarrassing. I remember I yelled at kids at NBS for not feeding the post one day. She walked off the floor with a smile and said “well you know I was feeding the post” we both laughed because she was 100% correct. You see Sidney is really the perfect basketball player. tall, lean, long, athletic and good god skilled for her position. No player in New Jersey has her footwork… NONE. Her ability to step away and shoot the ball for her size is special. Her ball. handling and passing skills at her size are scary.  Now throw in her post game and IQ and you have the entire package. In a lot of ways the perfect player. You see Kerwin her dad knows once she get to the next level,  these talents are going to be weaponized. Now you know why she doesn’t lash out… it’s called mental toughness and seeing the big picture.


You know character matters when around around people everyday. Because then people  see who you really are. So it didn’t surprise me when the NJ GEMZ beat the Shoreshots  and Sidney didn’t want to talk to the Shoreshots girls after the game. She hit a big three late and took over the game to give the Gemz’s the win. She didn’t want them to feel she was rubbing in to speak. Yet when the Shoreshots beat the NJ GEMZ she ran up to the same Shoreshots players to take pictures after losing. You see the character of Sidney Quinn is always on display. Like when a game went from competitive to a lack of  Sportsmanship, she walked over to the opposing team to apologize not for herself but for her teammates. Again class and character follow Sidney everywhere. It’s why recently after a AAU game all the girls from the Shore were complaining about her minutes in a game. It’s why Tessa Carman says things like  “can you please ask Sidney to play for us”. I have a serious question


“How about a kid being sandwiched between a brother she is watching become a mega star and Gandy Mamel who she helped become a star, yet she doesn’t blink an eye and supports them with all her might and love?” How? Because Sidney Quinn is a giver and never has or could be a taker🙏💕💕





SIDNEY QUINN is overseas playing with the IRISH NATIONAL TEAM. She loves representing IRELAND. She also loves her family. She loves basketball as well. I have never seen a kid so young give up so much of herself. I have never seen a kid this talented work the way she does. But more than all that, I have never seen a kid with the  mental toughness and character of SIDNEY QUINN… I GUESS THATS WHY SHE IS GOING TO NAVY













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