NO OFFER.. this is not the time to panic

The first thing everyone must remember is the recruiting process did not start in July and didn’t end yesterday. There is much a young lady can do right now, after this grueling July recruiting period to help themselves. Start by asking yourself these 4 questions

So your a senior and you don’t have a offer. So what should you do? Well the answer to that is simple… DO NOT PANIC. Everyone around you will be doing enough of that for everyone. The recruiting game has changed and you must understand this. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t change with it. We are in the Covid recruiting era for the next 3 years. But just like we are beating Covid, you can beat the recruiting odds. But first you must listen and be willing to be led by those in the know. Those with a track record of success in this area. One of those people would be me, so please pay attention.

If you currently do not have a offer it could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you have been in the wrong environment. Maybe you have not gotten the right amount of exposure. Maybe you picked the wrong AAU team. Maybe you simply have no name recognition. Maybe you got hurt. Finally maybe you simply not realistic enough. Whatever the reason who cares.. right now the question is how do you fix it all and make your dreams come true?

  1. How did you play?
  2. What do you need to showcase more in your game?
  3. Were the right schools watching you?
  4. Did you work hard enough and were you prepared properly for July?

Now once you get these answers. It’s time to get back to chasing your dream. First understand that there will be those telling you.. where and what level of play is best for you. I say that is your decision nobody else’s. You must decide what level and where playing basketball will make you most happy. Do not let others put their standards and expectations on you. Regardless our how things workout … do it on your terms.

So here is what I will tell you to do now.

  1. If few if any coaches at your games. Call coaches and send video… NOW DO NOT WAIT!
  2. If there were lots of coaches at your games and schools you have spoken to were watching, video is useless. They have seen you and made a decision. But you can change there minds...did you know that? You may have played poorly the times they watched you. Explain that to the coach, if your not good on phone let your high school coach call.
  3. Next get to College elite camps. But you must know what the coaches are looking for in a player. They make want a shooter, rebounder, passer, etc. you give them what they are looking for


  1. Go to a competitive camp like NBS. These camps rise your profile
  2. Understand September is a live recruiting period. So don’t takes weeks off in August

Now let me say this, getting to as many places in August is going to rise you profile. You must stay relevant and here is why. Many schools are not going to sign the players they want. Cracklings Rosie can choose only one school. Georgia Heine can only sign one letter of intent. Schools will reopen or change there recruiting plans. This is where, if you stayed on point and didn’t lost hope will come into play. How a coach feels about you today can change tomorrow. Everyone told LALA LAWS to sign at different schools. She didn’t listen and chased her dream down last April. This may be you. But you must be willing to stay strong and work even harder.

The ball is so in your court right now. Everyone says they want it until there back is up against the wall. Your back may be up against the wall. But it’s how hard you are willing to fight for your dreams right now that matters most. I can show you list a mile long of kids who have overcome the odds. Those kids who could not be swayed… I hope you are one of those kids! Good luck!


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