There are reasons for everything. We never know how a life can CHANGE SO quickly. It just takes a few breaks, a little luck and for good people to come into one’s life. It could be a teammate, a coach or even a stranger. GAMILA BETTON has experienced all this and it has led her to a place three years ago, she probably could not imagine was a possibility. That’s because this year has been a dream come true for Gamila Betton. On and off the basketball court. The friendships, championships and good times have seem not to want to stop. The only thing that has come to a stop is her recruiting. That’s because GAMILA BETTON has accepted a full scholarship to attend ADELPHI UNIVERSITY.






The first time I saw Gamila Betton, I thought to myself what a great basketball body. The first time I saw her play. I thought what a great basketball body. It was clear she was new to the game. It was clear she was raw and time certainly was not on her side. You see trying to master a sport after barely playing as a youngster is not easy. Gamila Betton lacked just about every basketball skill a player could lack. But she had two things you can not teach, explosive leaping ability and that college body. So Gamila Betton set out on a journey not knowing what to expect. But she got lots of help along the way.

















“Gamila has faced so many challenges in her life and has always come back stronger. Everything she has received has been from her hard work and dedication. I am so proud that she committed to a great schooland achieved her dreams, and I am so thankful to call her one of my best friends.”….Quote, Eli Clark Ocean Twp, Teammate


Eli, Jineen Ayyash and Kayden Clarke are all gym rats. They are at the gym 7 days a week for 4 hours. They love being in the gym. The both play at Ocean Twp, the same school as Gamila and they knew if Ocean was going anywhere they needed Gamila to step it up. So they started bringing Gamila to the gym everyday. Soon Gamila started showing real improvement in her her game. She started getting a feel for the game. Soon she started to be more than just a big strong athletic kid. She started displaying her explosiveness around the rim. She started to become a rebounding machine. She started to be a defensive stopper in the lane. In fact Gamila Betton was starting to play like a dominate post player. She also started to catch the fever, you know, the basketball fever. She enjoyed coming to the gym, working and laughing while making friends. She liked the idea of becoming a great player.


Last season OCEAN TWP had a dream season. They won 23 games, won a divisional title and made it all the way to the state final. They were ranked in the state Top 20 and Top 10 in the Shore. It was a season for the ages. For Gamila Betton it was a break out season. She was at times one of the most dominant post players in the Shore. Her monster screens and pick and roll 2 man game with Eli Clarke was a thing of beauty. Gamila Betton didn’t just step up. She had an entirely New Agenda. She wanted  to be on one of the best teams and she wanted to be one of the best players and that is exactly what has happened.

“I was so happy when Gamila decided to start playing AAU basketball with us in 9th grade. She had never played competitive aau ball and had only played on her middle school team for 2 years.  I knew immediately once I saw her she had the potential to be great.  She had a College ready body but did she want to make the commitment to get her to where she needed to be to play in college?  I am so proud of her commitment to being in the gym and I was honored to have her play for me on our U17 HGSL team this year. Her dedication to developing her game over the last 3 years has gotten her to reach her goal and play in college. There is no doubt she will do amazing things at Adelphi. I am beyond happy for Gamila! She is an awesome young lady who I wish nothing but the best!”.…Quote, Tracey Sabino Shoreshots Director








I remember sitting with Gamila last fall. She told me “I really need to get a scholarship”. I told her if she continues to work hard that she would get that opportunity. But first Gamila needed some help. She needed exposure. You see Gamila was not big on social media, she didn’t have a highlight tape. In fact, she was not very in tune with the recruiting process. But Tracey Sabino is  masterful when it comes to getting kids exposure and showcasing their talent. She also believed in Gamila Betton “Tiny she reminds me of Erika Porter” . Then Tracey told me she was putting Gamila on the HGSL U17 Team. I told her that could be a dangerous move for the kid and her team. But Tracey insisted that Gamila would surprise everyone and that is exactly what Gamila did. Tracey took a chance on a kid and believed in the kid. That kid Gamila Betton reward Tracey, her teammates and her family. She was everything Tracey had hoped she be and more.


I have seen kids change from year to year. But I have never in all my years seen a transformation like Gamila Betton. I watched a young girl go from being shy and not wanting to seen. To an out going, funny and engaging young lady. I watched a girl who barely said a word, now telling jokes, laughing and making friends. I also watched Gamila Betton become a basketball junkie, gain confidence and watched her self esteem blossom. I saw a player with pride in her craft, someone who wanted to be special and do special things. I watched her let a sport give her wings to fly. Last spring she was everywhere. She came to after school shooting, shot on the weekends, went to core skills, went to point guard and then NBS. It seemed there was no price Gamila Betton was not willing to pay. She wanted it, she wanted that dream. She wanted that scholarship and she wanted to earn it. She didn’t want it given to her, she wanted to work for it.


So a kid that nobody noticed 3 years ago. A kid new too to the game in many ways has come far, she is almost to the finish line. A kid with a dream has made it all come true. Her father Leroy and mother Yvette gave her  the support she desperately needed. Her brother Lawrence  was her biggest cheerleader. They encouraged her and drove her from place to place. They cheered her on and gave her the confidence all kids need. Leroy and Yvette are the real angels in this story. They pushed their daughter but not too hard. They knew to be firm but also when to give their daughter love and space to grow. They knew their daughter was capable of anything and they made sure she above all she knew this….






When Gamila Betton decided to attend ADELPHI it was not a surprise. They have recently made a living out of recruiting D1 players. Their staff is made up of recruiting rock stars. When D1 schools were expressing interest . Gamila Betton said “ I love the school and the coaches, I don’t want to wait” that’s because Adelphi gave her all she has ever wanted. A chance to play basketball and get free education. She will give Adelphi University something back in return. The best Post Player in the conference one day GAMILA BETTON has a NEW AGENDA… 














AUG 21 -25th


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