Do you remember when RFH looked like they were going to make a serious run at a SCT? Do you remember when everyone was saying they could be a Top 5 team in the state? All the pieces were certainly in place. But then Grace Munt got hurt and things changed. RFH still was a ranked team and had another great season, making it to the Group 2 sectional finals. They lost to Manasquan a team they beat earlier in the season. There was so much talk about what could have been. But what everyone forgot was what could have been… if Chase Boyle who was out the entire season was around. You see we all forgot how good and talented Chase Boyle was… well on opening night she reminded us..

RFH defeated RBR on opening night. Chase Boyle was back in the lineup. She had 9 points, 15 rebounds, 2 assist, a steal and a block shot on Wednesday. The box score left out her defense and the havoc she created in the RFH press. Chase Boyle is not just some role player. She is a impact player because toughness and a competitive nature shows up every night. Even in your first game after a year off with injury. Chase Boyle reminded everyone on Opening Night, if she was around last year, it just may have been RFH who was hanging a Group 2 State Title banner on the wall. While RFH won’t get a chance to win a Group 2 title, this year . They may get a chance to prove they are one of the best teams in the entire state… CHASE BOYLE being back in the lineup may remind everyone RFH is the real deal because CHASE BOYLE is very much the real deal herself.

Two years ago Chase Boyle was just a sophomore. But she was looking like one of the best sophomores in the Shore Conference. She was athletic, quick, tough as nails and a winner. She helped a young RFH team win 19 games. Coach Dave Callahan was named THE HOOP GROUP COACH OF THE YEAR. Everyone was excited about what the next season would bring. Coach Callahan has a way of making kids believe in themselves. It’s some kind of magic trick he has… Chase Boyle was one of those kids he tricked. He made her believe a Division One Lacrosse player. Boyle signed with Loyola of Maryland of the Patriot League, could excel on a basketball court too. It just may be Coach Callahan’s biggest trick to day. That’s why last year everyone had such big expectations for RFH. RFH fans were dreaming of a front court of Cortland McBarron(22 points and 15 rebounds on opening night) First Team All Shore Candidate and D1 bound Grace Munt and Chase Boyle. Then Paige Slaven who would eventually be named 1st Team All shore at the point.

It seemed as if RFH would take on the world a year ago. Then Munt got hurt and everyone knows the rest of the story. But the real story, the forgotten story was Chase Boyle. Because she brought so much to the table as a player and teammate. She was the player that put RFH over the top. The player who fit the RFH culture in every way. She was the deal breaker for RFH. Without her last year things at RFH were just not the same…. Something was missing! On Opening night Wednesday all was right at RFH once again. That’s because Chase Boyle was back and gave us a little reminder of how important she is to any success RFH plans on having.

RFH looked like a team on a mission vs RBR. They caught RBR off guard on opening night. Chase Boyle caught everyone off guard as well. Nobody could have predicted her return would be so dynamic and dominating at times. She was special and so were her teammates. They say the best things in life are worth waiting for.. well the best things worth waiting for RFH is a D1 lacrosse player turned basketball player, every winter. We have forgotten that Chase Boyle is the blood and guts of the RFH team. We have forgotten that she does all the little things the great players do. We forgot that Chase Boyle brings a level of athleticism to the RFH roster, coaches and teams crave. We forgot Chase Boyle allows RFH to play with the best teams in the state on ANY GIVEN NIGHT. On Opening Night we were reminded RUMSON FAIR HAVEN is back on track and CHASE BOYLE may be the biggest reason why!


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