On Sunday RBC and SJV will take the floor for the SHORE CONFERENCE TITLE.  There most certainly is  going to be a packed house. This game is bigger than just the Shore. This is a game that dreams are made of. Sunday is going to be a special  day for all. Its also going to be a special day for anyone that knows BRE DELANNEY. Because long before Sunday’s big game, she has made all her dreams come true🌈

Picture Credit: Lauren Bruen


I don’t believe anyone will appreciate  playing in the SCT Chip game more than Bre Delaney on Sunday. That’s because I doubt anyone in that game will have made more sacrifices along the way to get Sunday’s big game. I don’t think anyone has took more risk or had a harder road. Nothing has ever been easy for Bre Delaney. She has always had to prove herself; it seems over and over. After Sunday she’ll  finally have nothing left to prove to Shore fans. Regardless of what happens Sunday. BRE DELANNEY has already won.




Bre Delaney was not a star entering SJV. She made herself into a star. Now some may have a hard time admitting this, but she is a star. She was not considered a impact player on her arrival to SJV. But that did  not stop her from out working everyone. It did not stop her from chasing her dreams. That’s because her ego was not out of wack. You see Bre Delaney knows what it’s like not to be crowned or given the spotlight. She knows what it feels like to be in the background. She knew her only way into the light was to work harder and be more humble than everyone else. She had to know all the talent that was on the SJV roster when she arrived. But unlike so many other kids she embraced this challenge  of playing with and against the best everyday. It was a risk that has paid off in too many ways to count.




Bill and Sue Delaney  will no doubt have a smile on there face when there daughter is introduced in the starting lineup on Sunday.  They are fully awhere of all there daughter has had to sacrifice over the years. Just to have her named called in the biggest game of the year.  They have seen the tears and the doubt on their own faces and their daughters face.  They also seen all the highs and wonderful moments. They will wonder how these 4 years went by so fast. But they will also be proud of a daughter who never let anything get in her way of achieving her goals. BRE DELANEY  has never taken short cuts or a easy road. She has embraced every challege ever put in front of her. She has never run away from the  hard things. She has always looked at everything in her path  as an opportunity.










So often kids want everything to be easy.  They worry about optics and what others say.  Bre Delaney never fell into that world. She has just spent her entire career proving the doubters and non believers wrong.  When she was put on a Shoreshots “B”  team, she dominated the competition. They had no choice except to move her up to the “A” team. Last summer at times she put the Shoreshots on her back. She proved she was a D1 player. She signed at Stonehill this fall. I often wonder if STONEHILL fully understands what they are getting? Well they just need to ask Coach Dawn Karpell what Bre means to SJV. Either way they are going to find out anyway and they won’t believe there good fortune💰




On Sunday Breana Kay Delaney’s  Shore basketball career will end. I hope she has a monster day. I hope that she and her family will soak in every minute of the day and the  game. I hope she has memories are so thick,  that it last a lifetime. Because no young lady deserves it more. Thats because BREANA KAY DELANNEY has got to this point, doing it the old fashion way.


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