Today is seeding day. Today teams get rewarded for a job well done. Like every year, their will be debates about who got seeded where. So I am going to have a little fun. First I will tell you how I feel the committee will vote. Then I will give you my seeds. I will seed 1-16



2. Manchester– they can thank Holmdel

3. RBC– they can thank St. Rose

4. St. Rose– they can blame RBC

5. RFH– quality wins get them 5th spot

6. RBR– the body of work

Sammy “Dr” Jay and crew are red hot

7. Marlboro- red hot right now

8. Manasquan– up and down season, win over Marlboro

9. Jackson Memorial– Lack of quality win

10. Long Branch– solid wins and rewarded for body of work

11. Neptune– if they keep Brackett on the court dangerous

12. Colts Neck– Camryn Foltz say no more

Holmdel are giant killers

13. Holmdel- did their best work late in season

14. Freehold Twp– they’ve had a nice season

15. Toms River North– Vikki Gillen magic

16. Donovan Catholic– Jordyn Keating has been more than expected


I don’t factor in injuries. Folks you are who you are… meaning your record. The body of work is just one piece of the equation. How a team finishes a season matters as well as quality wins… YOUR SCHEDULE MATTERS

ST. JOHN VIANNEY- a little dark secret this the weakest schedule in the Dawn Karpell era and may be her freshest team coming into a SCT…bad news for the field

2. Manchester- they do not have a quality win. But get the nod based on the eye test. Because of Destiny Adams and the strength of their performance vs TCA. The schedule easily the weakest of the top teams

3. St. Rose– yes they lost to RBC twice. But they didn’t lose to Holmdel, RFH and have more quality wins than RBC. RBC’s quality wins are against them. Playing well down the stretch. Andrews has been sensational.

Grace Munt give RFH a serious new toy

4. RFH– playing very well. Knocked off RBC on the road late in the season. Has win over St Thomas. Grace Munt returns and everything is going there way right now.

5. RBC– they will point to the body of work and the two St. Rose wins. The body of work was done LONG AGO. Losses to Holmdel and RFH down the stretch cannot be ignored. Losing a home game and beating Manasquan in OT.. does not carry the day.. what have you done for me lately? Puts them at #5 by a thread.

6. RBR– they do not have a quality win, why they can’t be higher. . There biggest win was against Marlboro in the WOBM.. it’s why they get this spot. They have won every game they were supposed to win. The lost to Wildwood Cath prevents them from moving up.

7. Marlboro- they have a case for 6th. You can excuse one lost to RBR but tucked away was the lost to Manasquan as well. That was early in season. These days they are playing lights out. Blew out RFH and looks like a dangerous crew. Body of work matters but how your playing now does as well.

Georgia Heine has been in the SCT wars

8. Manasquan– Lisa Kukoda has been brilliant but down the stretch her team has not been able to get over the hump. The Chatham lost was on the road and the RBC lost was in OT lost, that is nothing to be ashamed of. But it’s hard to turn a blind eye to the Middle Twp lost, whose state ranking is largely based on them beating Manasquan. That’s too many losses down the stretch.

9. Jackson Memorial– lack a quality win. Can’t give them the benefit of the eye test benefit because they played one quality opponent and lost big to Paul VI.

10. Long Branch– they get this spot as a reward for a great season. The win over Neptune late in the season matters.

11. Holmdel High School- got that quality win over RBC and get the 11th spot.

12. Neptune– they could be higher lost to Long ranch without Brackett.

Camryn Foltz is capable of taking a team out

13. Colts Neck -late in season lost to Neptune that splits the season Series. Drops them here

14. Freehold Twp– Beat Trinity Hall and that’s the difference

15. Toms River North – beat Donovan Catholic so they get the nod

16. Donovan Catholic– not getting enough credit for their season


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